thematrixer.netWhy is Score88Poker the best card agent in Indonesia. There are millions of online gambling sites such that the players find it hard to choose between the best agent and a fake agent. Many players have made wrong choices in their quest to join online gambling agents. An excellent online card agent must have the following features and characteristics. The reason as to why score88poker is listed as one of the best online poker agent sites is that it has all the elements of an excellent online poker agent.


It has more members

For all online gambling sites, the number of registered members speaks volumes about the agent. The more the members who are registering and joining the site, the more agents can be trusted as no one would wish to join a scam. The gambling site provides the number of members on the site so that everyone can see. Also, score88poker has been rated positively by various users, and this means that it is a legit site.

It has a variety of games

The best agent provides a range of poker gambling games, and this is the case with the score88poker agent. When you look into the, you can see various card games such as Poker, Domino, Ceme, Casper, Super10, and Omaha. This makes it the largest poker gambling site that allows the players to play a game of their choice. Agents which provide one or two games are not the best because some players may not be good at the individual poker game provided, and hence, end up losing the money.

Round-the-clock support

Online poker gambling involves many activities from registration, playing, winning, losing, funds withdrawal, deposits. Players are faced with challenges in some online gambling activities, and they need help. This help can only come from the agent through the support team. Score88poker provides around the clock support where all issues are resolved effectively. Any agent that does not provide support to its players is a poor agent and should be avoided.

Online gaming License

A license is an important document when it comes to online gambling agents. It is proof that the agent site works under the supervision of a licensing body and all the games provided under the agent’s website is regulated by the licensing body too. It is impossible for licensed agents to cheat players on the games presented on the site. Score88poker is an authorized agent and therefore a safe platform for gambling.

Maximum deposit limit

A good gambling site should have maximum or minimum deposit that players commit. Most of the prominent and established sites allow for substantial capital deposits as compared to the medium and small websites. However, it is mandatory for every agent to have a maximum limit for capital deposits to prevent online crimes and money laundering that disguise as online games.

The score88poker agent possesses all the above characteristics as it is among the best card agent in Indonesia. The players join the agents’ site through, simple registration and deposit of the initial capital. Both beginners and experienced individuals can play the games provided on the site. Players can also download other poker online and domino APKs through their mobile devices such as blackberry, tablets, iPad, Android, iPhone at the score88poker only.

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